Refund policy

- You can exchange or return goods only if received the item does not meet the description.
After making a payment we cannot offer exchange or return spare parts without substantive reasons. We can offer a refund until we do not make a payment to our supplier less a payment system commission.


- We guarantee that definitions and photos of used spare parts are real. We do not provide any other warranties for used parts.
- If the new spare part is faulty (please notice that the item must be unused), we offer a refund minus shipping cost after an authorized car service confirmation. Once we received your item, we will initiate a refund.

  Item’s description
- You are welcome to ask any questions about the item’s condition, quality or appearance before making a payment.


  Shipping damage
- We are not responsible for shipping damages. In case of damage or loss of goods by post service we are ready to give you all required information for tracing or making complaints.

Meeting the requirements
- We guarantee compliance with the requested part only by providing the exact part number.
In other cases, we give you part numbers or full description of the requested spare parts. By making a payment you acknowledge and agree with part numbers and descriptions. 


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