Terms and conditions



 You can see all prices of spare parts in email communications. All prices include shipping and all charges inside Japan without any customs fees (if applicable).  



 Customs duties and clearance are not included. They depend on customer’s country. Please check this information with your country customs service.


CANCEL of order

 You are welcome to ask any questions about item’s condition, quality or appearance before making a payment. Please note that after making a payment we cannot exchange or return spare parts to our suppliers without substantive reasons.



 The bank fees can be applied if you make international bank transfer. You can make a payment by plastic card via payment system or by bank transfer. Payment method and details are given in the order description and the invoice.



We use EMC delivery service. 
Also we can provide a delivery of small spare parts by ePacket or other delivery services. In these cases we make an additional definition.
All spare parts are sent from Japan except for personal orders. In that case we give a detailed information to our customer.


Shipping restrictions

Please notice that EMC delivery service has some shipping restrictions. Your order cannot be made if it is subject to the restrictions below:
•    The weight of the parcel exceeds 30 kg (20 kg for some countries).
•    The parcel is more than 1.5 m length.
•    The length + circumference of the parcel is over 3 m.
Item contains the following materials:
•    explosives, such as airbag modules (as well as seatbelt assembly);
•    compressed gases, such as spray paint, and gas filled suspension parts (gas filled shock absorbers, etc.);
•    flammable liquids, such as automotive oils and lubricants, paint, gasoline, and oil filled parts (oil filled shock absorbers, engines, etc.);
•    flammable substances, such as matches, etc.;
•    oxidizing substances, such as peroxides;
•    toxic and infectious substances, such as agricultural chemicals;
•    radioactive materials;
•    corrosives: batteries.

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